Faroese salmon farmer HiddenFjord has ordered a third cage to grow post-smolts to 2kg before transferring them to net pens for their final growth phase. Photo: Fiizk.

HiddenFjord orders third semi-closed cage

Faroese salmon farmer HiddenFjord has ordered a third floating semi-closed cage from Norwegian supplier Fiizk following an order of two cages earlier this year.

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HiddenFjord intends using the Certus 15000 cages to grow post-smolts from an average weight of 650g to a size of 2kg before stocking them in net pens.

This will reduce the time spent in net pens from 12-14 months to between four and six months, HiddenFjord managing director and co-owner Atli Gregersen told Fish Farming Expert in June.

“It is very satisfying that HiddenFjord is now investing in closed production at sea,” said Fiizk business development manager Magnus Standal in a press release.

“At the beginning of 2022, they will have 45,000m³ of sheltered and lice-free production volume in Sørvågsfjorden.”

Local suppliers

Fiizk said it was already well under way with the delivery of the first two closed cages to HiddenFjord, using local suppliers in the process. The construction takes place in collaboration with local players in the Faroe Islands, including the MEST shipyard.

“This is the same delivery model that we use in Canada (where a Fiizk semi-closed cage is being trialled by Cermaq in British Columbia), and have great faith in,” said Fiizk project manager, Børge Sneisen.

“Our ambition is that all possible production is carried out by local suppliers in all of our projects globally.”