Creating a buzz about fly farming in Scotland

A one-day workshop on the potential for insect farming in Scotland is to be held in Edinburgh next month to bring together key organisations from across the would-be insect supply chain.

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The event, on Thursday, February 7 at an as-yet unnamed venue, is being organised by Zero Waste Scotland in conjunction with the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture and the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, among others.

In July last year the European Union passed legislation allowing the use of select insect meal in aquaculture feed, and feed manufacturers have been trialling the use of insect protein in mixes.

The relatively small amount of insect protein available has limited its use on a large scale, but companies in the Netherlands and France recently announced they are ramping up production on meal made from black soldier fly (BSF).

Global leader

The workshop’s organisers believe Scotland is well-placed to become a global leader in fly farming owing to the Scottish Government’s circular economy objectives and food waste reduction target, and large aquaculture, agriculture and food and drink sectors.

The workshop will include talks on the world’s growing demand for protein, how insect farming “closes the loop” on organic supply chains, and an introduction to insect farming, including an explanation of current legislation and regulation.

There will also be a section on the protein demand of the Scottish salmon farming sector, a talk on business support and finance and a first-hand account from an insect-farming company.

Find out more information and register for the free event here.