The head of Europharma predicts a strong turnover in 2016, despite a marked decrease in bath delousing treatment sales. Image: Linn Therese Skår Hosteland.

70% reduction in bath delousing sales

Following a record turnover in 2015, Europharma reports a 70% decline in sales of bath delousing treatments this year.

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CEO and owner, Jim-Roger Nordly, told that this – which is likely to have been caused by an increase in the use of mechanical lice treatments and cleanerfish – could lead to a NOK 100 million reduction in the company’s sales this year.

Last year the company sold NOK 160 million of bath delousing agents, but this year sales are likely to be only NOK 60 million. Despite this, however, he believes this shortfall should be made up by other sectors of the business.

“Fortunately feed sales have been very good in 2016 and this, together with our entry into medicated feed and even stronger growth for SuperSmolt, should mean that we have a nice sales growth also in 2016,” he told Fish Farming Expert’s sister website.

Record 2015

Last year the company had a turnover of NOK 604 million, up from NOK 520 million in 2014.

“We are very satisfied with the figures for last year, which set a new record in sales,” said Nordly.

The increase, he says, was due to sales growth in all segments, although the company's specialist smoltified salmon line has seen especially good results.

“This applies in particular for SuperSmolt…which are now used exclusively by several of the leading farming companies,” he reflected.

The company's operations are based on low margins, but with steadily increasing market share, the results have been good overall, according to Nordly.

“In 2016, we started producing medicated feed and demand has been good,” he said.