Gill health conference postponed until 2021

Organisers of the Gill Health Initiative event that was postponed from April because of the Covid-19 pandemic have given up hopes of staging it later this year. It is now intended to hold it next year.

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The international conference, GHI2020, had been scheduled to take place at the Stirling Court Hotel, Stirling on April 1 and 2 but several of the foreign organisations and businesses due to take part introduced bans on international travel, prompting the postponement.

In a message to delegates today, the GHI2020 Steering Committee stated: “Following the disappointing but essential decision to postpone the Gill Health Initiative 2020 event in April to the autumn of 2020, the organising committee has decided that the event will be further postponed until 2021.

“The dates of the event are yet to be confirmed and we will keep you informed of developments.”

Information sharing

The Gill Health Initiative (GHI) has been running since 2012, when it was formed to bring together industry and researchers. 

It aims are to focus on key gill disease research areas and the sharing of field-based farm management practices, promotion of exchange between researchers and industry for faster information sharing, and the streamlining of research efforts across Norway, Scotland, Ireland and Australia.

GHI2020 is sponsored by the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) and the Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF).