Banging the drum for corvina


A webinar is to be held later this month to promote the benefits of farming corvina, a fish belonging to the Sciaenidae family of croakers and drums.

The public and aquaculture professionals are invited to participate in the webinar, Corvina: Farming a Captivating Fish, presented by the NoviFEED project that has the primary aim of developing innovative IT tools to address feed optimisation.

Corvina farming in sea pens and in a recirculating aquaculture system will be covered in the webinar, which runs from 10-11.30am Western European Time (GMT) on Tuesday, December 19.

The NoviFEED project is financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through European Economic Area (EEA) grants, and is led by Portuguese feed and research company SPAROS.

See the webinar program here and register here.