Norcod had been expecting to harvest 8,000 tonnes of cod between October 2022 and June 2023, but maturity issues may have an impact on that volume.

Norcod may have to harvest maturing fish early

Measure will impact estimated biomass, size of fish, and aggregate volume, says company


A Norwegian cod farmer may be ordered to harvest fish early to prevent them reaching sexual maturity and spawning.

In a stock exchange announcement, Norcod said the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries (Fdir) has given notice that it is considering imposing an accelerated harvest after examinations of individual fish indicated that some of the biomass may reach maturity before the end of Norcod’s planned harvest period.

“Fdir has requested Norcod to provide complementary information and the company’s views as to how the findings may best be dealt with within an environmentally sound framework,” said the company.

“Norcod will respond to Fdir’s request through making further investigations and analyses, which will then be provided to Fdir, to provide the best possible basis to consider the extent of this matter, which measures may reasonably be implemented, including any need for an accelerated harvesting of the fish.

Maturation and an accelerated harvesting will have an impact on the company’s previous estimated biomass

Norcod statement

“Maturation and an accelerated harvesting will have an impact on the company’s previous estimated biomass, size of fish, and the aggregate volume ready for harvesting.”

Extended growth phase

In January 2022, Norcod said it had made a strategic decision to extend its in-sea growth phase so that it could deliver fish with an average weight above 4 kg.

Norcod started its second harvest in October 2022 and had expected to harvest some 8,000 tonnes over a period extending to June 2023. One of the company’s advantages over wild-caught cod is that it can offer fish year-round.

Danish fish supplier Sirena, which is Norcod’s majority owner, announced in October that the first four months of harvest had been pre-sold.

Norcod aims to scale up production every year to reduce costs while meeting growing demand. In 2024, Sirena expects to sell in the excess of 20,000 tonnes of product.

Norcod produces cod on five different sites in Norwegian fjords and anticipates stocking 6 million cod fry at four sites this year.