Norcod had a biomass of 5,300 tonnes in the sea at the end of 2021. Photo: Norcod

Cod farmer had turnover of £3.9m in Q4

Norwegian cod farmer Norcod harvested 841 gutted weight tonnes and had a turnover of NOK 46.5 million (£3.9m) in the fourth quarter of 2021, it said in a market update today.

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The production cost at the end of the year at its Jamnungen site was NOK 38.9 / kilo.

Norcod had a biomass in the sea of ​​3.2 million fish, or about 5.3 thousand tonnes, at the end of the year.

The company harvested its first fish in the middle of August last year and had slaughtered 345 tonnes by the end of September. It gradually increased weekly harvest volumes during Q4.

Good prices

Norcod now has four locations with 14 licences and a total maximum allowed biomass of 10,320 tonnes.

In December, Norcod chief executive Christian Riber told Fish Farming Expert’s Norwegian sister site,, that he thinks the market for farmed cod looks very interesting now.

“We have managed to get good prices in several different markets and also through the wild cod season we are entering now. Therefore, we can also say that we have managed to separate our cod from wild-caught cod.”

Norcod's full Q4 report will be presented on February 24.