"Grieg challenges us daily and shows great innovation power," said Maritech's Erik Outzen. Photo: Maritech / Anunatak.

Cloud has silver lining of tracking and control for salmon farmer

Salmon farmer Grieg Seafood has chosen seafood software developer Maritech’s DGS Purchase & Sales suite for its operations in Norway and Canada.

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The software lifts all Grieg’s purchase and sales processes to the computing “cloud” (on-demand date storage and computing power) and provides Grieg with tracking and control throughout the value chain.

In a press release, Norway-based Maritech said Grieg has also been a pilot customer for the company’s quality tracking solution, and that further work is also being carried out to bring Grieg’s seafood logistics and processing into the cloud.

Tom Thorgersen: "Our common goal is that our employees will soon work holistically within a single platform."

Full traceability

“Technology is one of several decisive factors in achieving our goal of reducing our environmental footprint while ensuring good profitability and further growth,” said Tom Thorgersen, managing director of Grieg’s Norwegian sales organisation, Grieg Seafood Norway AS.

“We are intending to participate in the further development of Maritech’s digital systems and services. Our common goal is that our employees will soon work holistically within a single platform to operate our sales and value chain, from packaging to delivery. Our unwavering focus is safe food with full traceability in a sustainable business model for everyone involved.”

Broader collaboration

Maritech’s vice president (services) Erik Outzen said: “What started with a single project and a system delivery has resulted in a broader collaboration, where Grieg challenges us daily and shows great innovation power. They have full control, a clear strategy for how to move forward efficiently, and are extremely clear about where they are going.”

He added: “The fact that they chose to start such a large and complex project with us, just a year after we launched our cloud platform, says a lot about both the willingness to innovate and their ability to implement their vision. That’s impressive.”