The CRUBC approved two smolt RAS projects in Los Lagos region.

Chilean coastal use watchdog approves expansions to smolt facilities


Two projects that will expand land-based smolt facilities in Chile have been approved by a body that oversees coastal use in Los Lagos region.

The Regional Commission for the Use of the Coastal Edge of Los Lagos (CRUBC) has given its blessing to the renewal and modification of a concession for Novofish, which produces more than 1,000 tonnes of salmon smolts a year in five separate recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in the Huelmo sector, Puerto Montt.

Its project involes the production of an extra 1,650 tonnes per year.

CRUBC also gave the thumbs up to an application by Sealand Aquaculture, located in Calbuco commune.

Sealand, which supplies Multi X and Blumar, produces 2,400 tonnes of smolts annually and delivers them at an average weight of 400 grams.

Its new project entails an extra 8,250 tonnes of salmon smolts in a first stage, and then a further 4,000 tonnes.