Multi X executive president José Ramón Gutiérrez introduces the company's new corporate branding.

Salmon farmer shrinking name and CO2 output

Chilean salmon farmer Multiexport Foods has re-branded as Multi X and outlined its intent to focus on sustainability.

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The new corporate image “was conceived with the aim of projecting into the future what has been built in 34 years of history, assuming, at the same time, the challenges of a world in constant change”, the company said in a press release.

Multi X said it seeks to become an international leader in salmon farming and would present a unified brand structure for products available all over the world. It also announced that it would be carbon neutral by 2030.

Growing population

“We live in a world of great challenges in which the population grows and with it also the needs of the people,” said executive president José Ramón Gutiérrez.

“From our purpose of feeding the future, caring for the world, we set ourselves the objective of producing a healthy and nutritious protein, under a fundamental principle: sustainability as a central aspect of our business.”

The company's new branding. "Alimentando el futuro" is Spanish for Feeding the future.

Pioneering spirit

Explaining how the company chose the new name, Gutiérrez said: “Multi X represents the evolution that Multiexport Foods has had over time.

“We keep Multi, because it is how we are known and evokes the pioneering spirit that has always characterised us. We incorporate the X as a representative element of the seal that we print in everything we do: the experience of our teams, the exquisiteness of our products, the excellence of our processes and the extraordinary thing it is to produce salmon in the south of Chile.

“We project into the future the essence of who we are; a company committed to the development of people, the connection with the communities, the care of the environment and that always aspires to the highest.”