Garware's Renew Rope, made entirely from recycled plastic.

Garware puts recycled rope on sale in Chile


Net and rope maker Garware Technical Fibres has introduced what it says is the first rope made entirely from recycled materials into the Chilean aquaculture market.

Garware Chile business associate Marcos Jofré said the Renew Rope demonstrated the company’s commitment to Chile’s Clean Production Agreement (CPA), circularity and the reduction of plastic waste, contributing to sustainability throughout the life cycle of the products.

“In addition, it has exhaustive quality control of its raw materials: 100% reprocessed copolymers so that it meets the required quality,” said Jofré, who pointed out that plastic can take thousands of years to decompose, and that making a rope from recycled plastic meant a 50% reduction in its carbon footprint.

Success in Norway

“By manufacturing Renew Ropes with 100% recycled material, we ensure that the waste is used in a final application, along with reducing the need to produce new material, and this rope can also be recycled again,” said the business associate.

“The Norwegian market is already being supplied and has given the product a good reception and we hope that Chile follows this trend.”

Garware Chile has also introduced its X2 Aqua Neo high performance rope for salmon farms in exposed locations. The rope has high resistance at a smaller diameter, low elongation, and is lighter.

“The quality of the fibre is such that with smaller diameters, it manages to deliver higher resistance than other anchor ropes. It also presents great resistance to cyclic loading stress, with a very good result, measured under the OCIMF (Oil Companies International Marine Forum) standard, with an excellent fatigue life over tension.