Claudio Baez takes over as national director of Chile's state aquaculture agency, Sernapesca, from July 1. Photo: Sernapesca.

Chile’s new aquaculture chief highlights controls, compliance and closeness

The incoming director of Chile’s state aquaculture agency, Sernapesca, has prioritised risk controls, promoting regulatory compliance and closeness with users.

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Veterinarian Claudio Báez, currently regional director of Sernapesca Biobío, takes over as the agency’s national director on Thursday.

Báez said his appointment gave him the possibility of contributing with a different management style.

Great institution

“I am proud to be able to lead this great institution with more than 1,200 officials throughout the country, whom I hope to support to carry out their work in the way they know how,” he said.

Báez announced that he will focus his management on the institutional guidelines already established, “because from my experience as regional director I am convinced that we can make adjustments, but in general terms, the focus will continue to be on risk controls, promote regulatory compliance, closeness to our users and to continue advancing in institutional modernisation”.

Open-door policy

He added: “In internal matters I have a special emphasis on people: I like to listen to them and for that I will have an open-door policy. I hope to advance a more fluid internal communication.

“In addition, we must consider that we continue in a pandemic, uncertainty, and where we must reconcile face-to-face and blended work with biosafety protocols, and also coordinate colleagues who are teleworking to develop comprehensive work.”

Sernapesca’s national director post became vacant when former director Alicia Gallardo was promoted to leader of the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Subpesca), which includes Sernapesca in its portfolio.

Jessica Fuentes, Sernapesca’s legal deputy director, has been in temporary charge since January.