Hiddenfjord will use semi-closed cages to grow fish from 650g to 2kg before transferring them to net pens. Photo: Hiddenfjord.

Hiddenfjord orders fourth semi-closed cage

Faroese salmon farmer Hiddenfjord has ordered a fourth floating semi-closed cage from Norwegian supplier Fiizk following an initial order for two cages and associated equipment in June and the purchase of a third cage in August.

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Hiddenfjord, which will produce 18,000 gutted weight tonnes of salmon this year, intends using the Certus 15000 cages to grow post-smolts from an average weight of 650g to a size of 2kg before stocking them in net pens.

This will reduce the time spent in net pens from 12-14 months to between four and six months, reducing or negating the need for lice treatments.

Fizzk's fabric-walled Certus semi-closed cages draw water from beneath the lice layer to keep fish free of parasites. Illustration: Fiizk.

May 2022 delivery

Hiddenfjord’s first three Certus cages are currently being installed.

“The fourth Certus 15000 will be delivered to the Faroe Islands at the end of May 2022,” said Fiizk project manager Børge Sneisen in a press release.

“The collaboration with Hiddenfjord and local subcontractors has been very good, and we continue with enclosure number 4 following the same model.”

Production in full swing

Fiizk business developer Magnus Stendal said: “This is the fourth enclosure we have arranged delivery for with a short lead time to our various customers. Production, delivery and further development are now in full swing.”

Earlier this month Fiizk announced that Norwegian salmon and trout farmer Osland Havbruk had ordered two Certus 30000 cages, the biggest the company has supplied. They will be used to grow fish to harvest size.

Fiizk will also supply a Certus Harvest cage to Pure Norwegian Seafood’s harvest plant at Averøy. The semi-closed harvest cage will enable the harvest plant to avoid direct unloading from wellboats, freeing up valuable wellboat capacity while maintaining a biosecure harvest.