Norway Royal Salmon CEO Charles Høstlund - testing is underway for ISA

Norway Royal Salmon suspects ISA outbreak

Millions of salmon could be at risk of Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) at the farms of leading Norwegian producer Norway Royal Salmon (NRS).

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The company issued a statement saying it suspects an outbreak of ISA at three of its farms, affecting 2.3 million fish with an average weight of 3.3kg.

The affected sites are in the Dønnesfjord operating area, and include Næringsbukta, Klubben and Børfjord.

NRS is currently awaiting confirmation of diagnostic tests, and said until then it cannot estimate the likely consequences.

The NRS group has 35,035 tonnes of maximum allowable biomass in West Finnmark and Troms. It also holds minority interests in three affiliated Norwegian fish farming companies, which together have 11 fish farming licences, plus Arctic Fish in Iceland, with licences for 11,000 tonnes.

Last month, Cermaq notified the Norwegian Food Safety Authority of suspected cases of ISA at its Maroya site in Northern Norway.