Sebastian Perversi has joined the NWAA's board.

Cargill executive joins American fish farming lobby group board

Perversi brings deep understanding of role that feed plays, says Northwest Aquaculture Alliance


North American fish farming lobby group Northwest Aquaculture Alliance (NWAA) today announced the appointment of feed company executive Sebastian Perversi to its board of directors.

Perversi is North America commercial director for Cargill Aquaculture & Nutrition, and lives in Washington state.

A 19-year Cargill veteran, Perversi previously held the position of strategic marketing and technology director (Europe, Middle East and Africa) for Cargill Animal Nutrition, and was based in the Netherlands.

Rapid growth

“Sebastian Perversi brings to NWAA a deep understanding of the role that feeds play in the growth of aquaculture worldwide,” said Jim Parsons, NWAA president.

Parsons, who is also chief executive of oyster farmer Jamestown Seafood and a former general manager of salmonid farmer Cooke Aquaculture Pacific, said he and the other NWAA board members look forward to working with Perversi at a time when aquaculture is undergoing rapid growth and acceptance, and the feed sector is leading the way with innovative products to make the production of aquatic foods increasingly nutritious and sustainable.

“We are very fortunate to have Sebastian Perversi join our leadership team,” added Parsons.

Significant role

Perversi said that in times of rapid change, increased globalisation, and food supply chain disruptions, aquaculture will continue to play a significant role in feeding growing populations in North America and the world.

Born in Argentina, Perversi attended the University of Buenos Aires, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, followed by a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.