Hugo Contreras has been given a wider role in Cargill's aquaculture feed business.

Cargill Chile boss given global role

The general manager of Cargill’s Chilean fish feed operation has been named director of strategy, marketing and technology (SMT) for the US company’s global aquaculture nutrition business.

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Hugo Contreras will assume his new role for Cargill Aqua Nutrition this month, focusing on strategy, marketing and technology applications across the business globally, as well as digital business, according to a press release.

The executive has extensive experience in aquafeeds around the world. In his 20 years with Cargill, he has led businesses in the United States, China and Chile, and played a significant role in the acquisition of feed company Ewos as well as the shrimp business in Thailand and Vietnam.

He has led the fish feed business in Chile for the past six years.

Contreras will continue to fulfil the management functions at Cargill Chile, until his replacement – who has yet to be announced - arrives in the next few weeks.