Grieg deferred some of the Q4 Newfoundland harvest until the current quarter due to bad weather.

Grieg harvested 21,800 tonnes of salmon in Q4


Canada and Norway salmon farmer Grieg Seafood harvested 21,800 gutted weight tonnes of fish in the final quarter of last year, it said in a trading update today.

Grieg harvested 12,600 gwt in Norway, of which 2,200 gwt came from Rogaland, and 10,400 gwt from Finnmark. In Canada, Grieg harvested 9,200 gwt, of which 6,000 gwt came from British Columbia and 3,200 gwt from Placentia Bay in Newfoundland.

Average regional farming costs per kg for the quarter were approximately:

  • Rogaland: NOK 67.2
  • Finnmark: NOK 64.7
  • British Columbia: CAD 11.0 (NOK 85.3)
  • Newfoundland: CAD 12.2 (NOK 94.7)

The harvested volume and farming cost in Finnmark were impacted by Spironucleus Salmonicida, winter ulcers, and string jellyfish. In Rogaland, low harvest volume influenced farming cost.

In Newfoundland, parts of the 2023 planned harvest volume were deferred to 2024 due to challenging weather conditions and market expectations. As Newfoundland is still in a development phase, the region has, in addition to the farming cost, cost allocated directly to the income statement at the same level as last quarter.

Grieg’s complete Q4 2023 report will be released on Thursday, February 22.