Members of Poseidon's Canadian and Chilean teams at the Cermaq Chile site where the company's equipment has been installed. A further three sites will also be supplied with the equipment.

Poseidon signs five-year deal with Cermaq Chile

Canadian supplier will deliver oxygen supply and diffusion technology to four salmon farms


Canadian salmon farming equipment developer Poseidon Ocean Systems has announced a five-year, four-site agreement with Cermaq Chile.

British Columbia-based Poseidon, which has a branch in Puerto Varas, Chile, is delivering equipment for in situ oxygen supply and diffusion. Delivery of the systems is already under way, with the first system already in operation.

Cermaq, owned by Japanese industrial giant Mitsubishi, is one of the world’s biggest salmon farmers, with operations in Norway, Chile, and Canada. It will use Poseidon’s Flowpressor/Oxypressor equipment.

Flowpressor is designed specifically for fish farm requirements, which means it lower fuel consumption than off-the-shelf air compressors, says Poseidon. Oxypressor is an add-on upgrade that provides oxygen.

65% less fuel

“Improvements in fish welfare, our global commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and an investment in clean and efficient technology, encouraged us to make the decision to use Oxypressor technology from Poseidon,” said Cermaq in a press release.

Mauricio Cerda, commercial manager for Poseidon’s Latin America operations, said: “We are very excited for this opportunity to work with Cermaq Chile.

“This is the first step in demonstrating to the global industry Poseidon’s advanced life support technology which consumes up to 65% less fuel while improving growth.

“We are looking forward to helping our customers increase their production while reducing costs and environmental impact at the same time.”