Brimmond managing director Tom Murdoch with the NetJet and two of the company's service vans.

Rentable net cleaner opens door to lucrative fish farming sector, says Brimmond

Engineering firm's package removes need for high CAPEX for new actors


Northeast Scotland-based engineering specialist, Brimmond, has launched a new net cleaner, NetJet, which it says makes the company the first in the UK to offer a full manufacture, rental, and support package for high-pressure net cleaning pumps for the offshore aquaculture sector.

Brimmond, which specialises in the design, manufacture, rental and repair of lifting, mechanical and hydraulic equipment for industry, has invested around £450,000 developing the NetJet pump units.

The company said its engineering team designed, specified, and manufactured the pump units following the identification of a gap in the aquaculture market for a rental option for net cleaning pumps.

2,200 nets

Fish farm nets are cleaned frequently in the summer to preserve water quality and protect the fish. Brimmond says that with over 200 operational marine finfish sites in the UK, operating an estimated 2,200 nets, this is potentially an arduous and time-consuming task. The company adds that while the technology exists to speed up the operation, the six-figure purchase price represents a considerable – and for many, unattainable - outlay.

Brimmond says its rental service plugs this gap and is further bolstered by its customer care package. The company has invested in a fleet of specialist vans maintaining a stock of critical spares which can be rapidly deployed to provide clients with technical support and maintenance.

Managing director Tom Murdoch said: “Official figures reveal that salmon accounts for 96% of Scotland’s aquaculture value, and Scottish salmon is the UK’s largest food export. The Scottish government have stated their aim that the aquaculture sector should double in Gross Value Added (GVA) by 2030.

Brimmond MD Tom Murdoch with one of its newly developed NetJet net washers which the company will rent out. "Not every business has the budget required to purchase equipment that will enable them to enter this lucrative market – the NetJet is our solution to this challenge," says Murdoch.

A way in

“However, we appreciate that not every business has the budget required to purchase equipment that will enable them to enter this lucrative market – the NetJet is our solution to this challenge. Renting the equipment enables smaller businesses to clean aquaculture nets as quickly and efficiently as possible, without the high capital expenditure costs of buying the equipment outright.

“Our in-house engineering and design teams applied their enviable reputation for developing and manufacturing high-quality technology, combined with years of marine industry experience, to bring a high-end net cleaning pump to the rental market.

“As with all our other service offerings, our relationship with customers is just beginning when they rent our pump systems. We work closely with them to establish vital details such as vessel footprint, location, and deck fastenings, connections, and fittings. We are always on hand to provide technical support and spare parts. The fact that we are based in the UK is a huge advantage – as a local business we can respond promptly to our customers, ensuring that they can get the most value from the units.”