Investors wary of red tide effect

Whether due to disruptions in the supply chain, the difficulties experienced in exporting salmon, or the uncertainty arising from the recent spate of roadblocks and demonstrations, the share price of most of Chile's listed salmon producers has nosedived in the last fortnight.

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Aquachile, the country's largest salmon producer, has seen its shares drop by 5.7% - from CLP$ 211 (US$ 0.32) in late April,  to CLP$ 199 (US$ 0.30) on May 11th.

Similar behavior is observed in Australis Seafoods, which registered a share price of CLP$ 22 (US$ 0.033) before the conflict, dropping by 9.3 per cent to CLP$ 19.95 (US$ 0.030) yesterday.

Invermar's shares have experienced a 3% decrease since the demonstrations began - from CLP$ 60 (US$ 0.090) to CLP$ 58 (US$ 0.087) per share.

Blumar and Camanchaca, companies with a significant fisheries component in their operations, which are far from the conflict zone, did not show large variations in the unitary price of their shares. Blumar's rose from CLP$ 132.52 (US$ 0.20) to CLP$ 132.86 in the period; while Camanchaca's stayed level at CLP$ 26 (US$ 0.04).

Multiexport's shares have also risen in value, albeit by only 1 per cent  - from CLP$ 141.50 (US$ 0.211) to CLP$ 143.03 (US$ 0.213).