Svein Tveiten has joined Bio Marine.

Lice skirt expert is tailor-made for new role

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Norwegian aquaculture supplier Bio Marine is strengthening its focus on lice skirts and has recruited Svein Brudeseth Tveiten as the new head of textile products.

Bio Marine says the use of lice skirts is a growing market, and hiring Tveiten is part of its strategy to develop its range of lice skirts further.

“More and more companies are choosing to install systems that ensure a good pen environment even during periods with challenging external conditions,” Bio Marine marketing manager Nils Hovden said in a press release. “As fish farmers increasingly prepare to protect the fish, we are seeing a rising demand for water circulation, oxygenation, monitoring, and also lice skirts.”

Years of experience

Tveiten has many years of experience producing lice skirts for aquaculture. He has run his own business at Rantex Flaarønning, focusing on the production of lice skirts and freshwater ponds based on various types of textiles. He is also behind several patented solutions used in aquaculture, and his appointment marks a long-term goal at Bio Marine to offer complete solutions for cage environments.

In recent years, Tveiten has worked as an advisor on the design and development of aquaculture equipment for various fish farmers and manufacturers.

“Through previous collaboration, we know well what Svein stands for,” said Hovden.

“I know Bio Marine well from previous collaborations and look forward to contributing to the development of new products. Ambitious plans have been laid out, so this seems very exciting,” said Tveiten.