SSC, which has a range of products including native Hebridean salmon, harvested 35,000 gwt last year. Photo: SSC.

Scottish Salmon Company harvested 35,000t last year

The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) harvested 35,000 gutted weight tonnes of fish last year, new figures from Faroese parent company Bakkafrost show.

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In a trading update, Bakkafrost said SSC harvested 9,300 gwt in the final quarter of last year.

Bakkafrost harvested 16,000 gwt in the Faroes in the same quarter, and 50,700 gwt for the full year. The company’s Faroes harvest in Q4 comprised 6,5000 gwt in its Farming North region, 7,000 gwt in Farming West and 2,5000 gwt in Farming South.

Feed sales by Bakkafrost’s feed subsidiary, Havsbrún, were 30,900 tonnes in Q4. Havsbrún sourced 73,900 tonnes of raw materials in the quarter.

The full Q4 2020 report will be released on February 23.