A Badinotti submersible cage under lifting-up procedure.

Smir and Badinotti team up to provide submersible cage and feeding solution

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Aquaculture industry suppliers Smir and Badinotti have formalised a commercial cooperation agreement for the provision of submersible cages.

In a press release, the companies said that in discussions earlier this year, they identified complementary areas of expertise. Following a few meetings and Norwegian company Smir’s on-site exploration of an aquaculture facility featuring Italian firm Badinotti’s submersible cages, along with a visit to the net factory in Slovakia, the collaboration has now been officially established.

Sergio Biancheri, general manager EMEA at Badinotti, and Smir chief executive Øyvind Nymark.

Badinotti, a globally recognised provider of fish containment structures with over two decades of experience in “deep aquaculture”, specialises in delivering submersible containment solutions for challenging environments, including areas exposed to waves up to 15 metres high.

It is this expertise that has led to the collaboration to integrate Badinotti’s solutions with Smir’s Smirfeeder feeding system for automating operations in submerged farming conditions.

Trial programme

Smir said that given demand for maintaining salmonids below the lice belt (the top 10 metres of the water column where most sea lice are found) it is currently in active discussions with Norwegian customers and is gearing up to promptly launch a trial programme at a fish farm.

For Smir, this forms part of its strategy to offer both preventive solutions and treatment tools in the fight against lice.

For Badinotti, the commercial partnership marks a significant step in addressing emerging challenges in the aquaculture industry. The company said through technological developments and strategic enhancements, it aspires to establish itself as a leader in providing containment structures for the aquaculture sector.