Betten's automated feeders have been added to Bio Marine's product protfolio.

Aquaculture supplier adds fish feeders to its product menu

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Fish farming supplier Bio Marine has added land-based aquaculture feeders to its product range in collaboration with automated feeding systems maker Betten Maskinstasjon.

Norway-based Bio Marine, which supplies lighting and oxygenating systems for marine and land-based fish farms, has ambitious plans for growth both domestically and abroad, and wants to expand its product offering.

The company says recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) farms are considered the greatest potential market for feeding systems, although all land-based farms are parts of the expected market.

Accurate and robust

“Betten is Norwegian quality at its best and the automated feeders are highly reputed for their accuracy and robustness,” said Bio Marine chief executive Martin Gausen.

“Our customers highly recommend Bio Marine to prioritise Betten. We plan to deliver complete feeding systems with Betten automated feeders as an integrated part of our deliveries. This product goes well with other technical solutions for land-based farms, such as LED lights and emergency oxygen systems.”

He said Betten’s equipment was popular due to its even distribution of the feed particles throughout the tank.

Minimal crushing

“The farms want precise feeding with minimal crushing of the feed particles. Also, to achieve maximum growth rate, each fish needs good access to feed,” explained Gausen.

“Feed is a major economic factor and minimal feed loss is also important to avoid extra organic loading of biofilters. Our primary goal is to establish a feed distribution system for more efficient filling of the automate feeder.”

Betten makes the machinery at its own workshop and has delivered around 19,000 automated feeders, some of which are still running after more than 20 years.

“We have reached a good agreement and I am sure that Bio Marine will run more effective marketing and sales than we are capable of. We are convinced that there is still a large and growing market,” said Betten chief executive Nils Betten.