Image showing a split-second assessment of an Atlantic salmon by Innovasea's cage camera and algorithm, BiomassPro.

Atlantic salmon added to Innovasea’s biomass estimator

Algorithm for AI-driven technology shown to be ‘highly effective’ in field trials


Aquaculture technology supplier Innovasea has announced that its artificial intelligence-driven biomass estimation solution, BiomassPro, is now available for use with Atlantic salmon.

Innovasea, which is based in Boston in the United States, said recent field trials in British Columbia, Canada, have shown the solution’s algorithm for Atlantic salmon highly effective at estimating the size and weight of that species in real time.

“The technology behind BiomassPro continues to perform well in the field, which is really exciting,” said Rafael Cordero, vice president of engineering at Innovasea. “Customers have been asking for some time when it would be available for Atlantic salmon, but we wanted to take time to fine tune the algorithm and ensure we were bringing a quality product to the marketplace.”

Real-time estimates

BiomassPro is an AI-powered solution that estimates the size and weight of fish stocks in real time to help farms optimise production and reduce feeding costs. Innovasea says it also provides accurate growth projections to improve resource planning and sales forecasting and ultimately boost revenues.

BiomassPro is currently in use at farms in Canada, Chile, New Zealand, the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Mediterranean region. It is available for six species: Atlantic salmon, cobia, king salmon (chinook), red snapper, totoaba, and yellowtail kingfish.

Watch a short video of the BiomassPro in action here.

A worker holding an Innovasea stereoscopic biomass camera for Atlantic salmon that has shown good results in field trials in Canada.