MH confirms ASC aspirations

Brussels: The Marine Harvest Group has reaffirmed it commitment to have all its sites ASC certified by 2020. 

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The statement was made by the group’s COO for Sales & Marketing, Ola Bratvoll, at the launch of a new ASC marketing toolkit by MH and the ASC, at which Mr Bratvoll expressed the group’s “absolute commitment” to the programme.

Chris Ninnes, CEO of ASC, praised Marine Harvest’s stance, saying: “Without commitments like that ASC cannot fulfil its vision.”

“Marine Harvest is taking a true leadership role in the process towards certification,” he added.

The Marine Harvest Group is the first ASC partner to use elements from the new ASC marketing toolkit at their booth during Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium.

“We are delighted to be the first ASC partner to utilize elements from the new ASC Marketing Toolkit at our booth. This once more underlines our vision of Leading the Blue Revolution and our commitment to responsible aquaculture. With over 40 of our salmon farms already ASC-certified, and some 15 more under assessment, we are well underway to fulfil our commitment to be 100% ASC-certified by 2020,” said Brattvoll.

“Marine Harvest is a market leader and a true partner in a shared mission to improve the performance of the industry. Collaborations with them and other industry partners in the use of the marketing toolkit are important to the overall work of the ASC, as it increases our collective capacity to reach key audiences,” added Ninnes. “The new toolkit is one of many ways we provide support to our partners, and we will continue to expand our offerings in line with future demands.”

The ASC Marketing Toolkit is now available to all ASC partners, and will help marketing departments, visual design teams, and content creators efficiently develop consistent materials regarding their ASC certified product. The ultimate goal is to help partners convey their dedication to responsible aquaculture to consumers and stakeholders through simple, compelling visuals and messages. The toolkit will also help promote a clear and consistent vision and brand affiliation with the ASC for content marketing initiatives.