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16.5 million doses of salmon vaccines were sold in Norway during February, up from 14.3 million doses in February 2015 – a rise of 2.2 million.


According to Pharmaq’s latest statistical analysis, since September 146.5 million vaccine doses have been ordered for this year’s S1s, down from 152 million doses in the same period last year.

158 million S1 smolts were released in 2015 were 158 million smolt (according to Kontali analyse), keeping it on the same level since 2013. The final figures for 2016 will not be available until the end of May.

In February the sales of PD-vaccine were 1.2 million doses, as a 7-component vaccine, compared to 0.2 million doses of a 1-component PD-vaccine in February 2015. Total sales of 7-component ISA vaccines in February were 1.1 million doses.

Only 90,000 doses of trout vaccine were sold in February, compared to 1,255,000 doses in February 2015.