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ScaleAQ and Signify switch on cage lighting partnership

Lighting can play an important role in salmon production both on land and at sea. Photo: Signify.
Lighting can play an important role in salmon production both on land and at sea. Photo: Signify.

Aquaculture equipment supplier ScaleAQ and Netherlands-based lighting provider Signify (formerly Philips), have announced a strategic partnership which they say can improve fish farming.

ScaleAQ will resell LED lighting products from Signify’s Philips Aquaculture division with an initial focus on marine based / sea cage products.

The companies say the partnership can improve fish welfare, production and yield for fish farmers by providing an optimal light spectrum, light distribution and control system so farmers can customise the light recipes to their specific needs.

Bill Bien: Aquaculture
Bill Bien: Aquaculture "needs partnerships like this".

Solutions for the future

“The aquaculture industry is growing rapidly and needs partnerships like this to meet the increasing need for local presence and support, while at the same time using R&D resources to develop solutions for the future,” said Bill Bien, head of Signify’s Agricultural Lighting business, in a press release.

“Our focus on lighting recipes, IoT (Internet of Things) and data insights play a crucial role in optimising agricultural businesses in the future, helping us to create customer solutions together with ScaleAQ that are solid growth platforms for fish farmers.”

“The Philips lights will be an important addition for both our sea-based and future land-based efforts,” said Per Ivar Lund, head of business development at ScaleAQ.

Local servicing

“We believe the industry will also benefit from our collaboration on servicing the lights. ScaleAQ will from now on be able to provide its customers with service on the Philips lights from its many local offices around the world.”

Philips says its aquaculture lighting has been developed in collaboration with leading universities and institutes and offers a number of benefits, including optimised blue and green light intensity with directed light beam, accelerated growth and shorter production times, high energy efficiency and dusk to dawn simulation to reduce stress.

“Our products can serve the very high demands a modern sea cage puts on quality, durability and functionality, but with this partnership we will also focus on collecting even more customer insights to continuously improve the products we provide them with,” said Bien.