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A still from the Salmon Scotland video
A still from the Salmon Scotland video "Why are salmon pink?", the first of eight animated films. Video: Salmon Scotland.

Scotland’s salmon producers today launched the first of eight animated films made to better inform the public about the sector.

Salmon Scotland, formerly the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, is behind the initiative, which starts with a one-minute-long film called “Why are salmon pink?”

Tavish Scott, chief executive of Salmon Scotland, said the animations would help “tackle the myths and preconceptions about the salmon farming industry that we correct on an almost daily basis”.

Hard work and effort

“The salmon farming sector is vital to the Scottish economy, with more than 10,000 people across the country working to ensure we get healthy salmon on our plates,” added Scott.

“It’s therefore really important that people understand the hard work and effort that goes into breeding healthy, sustainable and tasty fish.”

Salmon Scotland said the animations, created by marketing agency Denvir Marketing, touch on a variety of topics from “How do we provide a good quality environment for our salmon?” to “Are salmon troubled by parasites?” and include colourful visuals and an informative voiceover.

A different film will be released weekly on Salmon Scotland’s You Tube channel, social media platforms and website. The animations will be available to see on You Tube and on Salmon Scotland’s website.