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Kjell Jørgensen is the new head of Maritech Dynamics, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Photo: Maritech.
Kjell Jørgensen is the new head of Maritech Dynamics, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Photo: Maritech.

Seafood industry software company Maritech has named experienced IT executive Kjell Jørgensen as managing director of its north American subsidiary Maritech Dynamics, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jørgensen moves from his job as Maritech’s global services director, based in Molde, Norway. He will move to Canada soon.

His experience includes roles as chief operating officer and managing director of Star Information Systems in Norway, five years of working for Merit in Switzerland, and two years for Logica, commuting to India.

Untapped potential

“There is an enormous, untapped potential in the North American seafood industry related to new technology and digitalisation,” said Jørgensen in a press release.

“The seafood industry has always been innovative, and we experience a strong pull in the market related to our field of competence. Companies of all sizes, in all segments, express curiosity and openness related to new, digital tools and the possibilities they represent.”

Jørgensen said all successful digitalisation projects require re-thinking of structure and processes. “Solutions is one aspect; process competence may actually be equally important. Our experience is that it is critical to review the processes in your company when you are starting a new software implementation project. Together we explore how customers can solve their challenges within standards of a solution. It can be challenging, but I dare to claim that it is always worth the extra efforts.”

Efficient workflows

He said Maritech’s cloud-enabled digital suite provided new models and best practices that empowered collaboration and efficiency in new ways, by streamlining processes and making workflows more efficient and presenting new revenue and value producing opportunities for Maritech customers.

Maritech is owned by aquaculture investor Broodstock Capital Partners, which also has net cleaner maker MPI, on-land fish farm supplier Billund Aquaculture, and aquaculture water filter maker NP Innovation in its portfolio.