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Hybrid vessel delivered to farmer-owned wellboat company

The Skrova hybrid power wellboat delivered to Brønnbåt Nord Lofoten AS by Aas Mek. Verksted. Photo: Uavpic.
The Skrova hybrid power wellboat delivered to Brønnbåt Nord Lofoten AS by Aas Mek. Verksted. Photo: Uavpic.

A wellboat equipped with an energy storage system (ESS) for hybrid operation has been delivered to Norwegian marine services operator Brønnbåt Nord Lofoten AS by shipbuilder Aas Mek Verksted.

The Skrova has been designed to operate in a relatively exposed and rough weather area, and has a capacity of 1,200m³ distributed over two tanks.

The boat has diesel-electric propulsion and ESS battery system for hybrid operation, as well as large shore power capacity.

The ESS battery pack is used to flatten demand peaks during operation (so-called peak shaving) to reduce the number of generators in operation and thus reduce fuel consumption significantly.

Cleaner operation

The boat can be moored without the use of a generator for shorter or longer periods depending on the shore power capacity in the ports, which also contributes greatly to reducing emissions of both noise and exhaust to the surroundings. It is also equipped with an exhaust purification system that provides a 90% reduction in NOx emissions.

The boat can transport live fish in an open or closed system in a safe and gentle way. There are zero emissions during closed transport with monitoring, purification and treatment of all water circulation, a filter system for purification of water, UV treatment of water in and out of the cargo holds, auto washing and disinfection facilities, monitoring, regulation and logging of water parameters.

The vessel is also equipped with pressure discharge of fish without the use of a vacuum pump.

150 tonnes per hour delouser

For mechanical delousing treatment, the boat is also equipped with a three-line SkaMik delousing plant with a capacity of 150 tonnes per hour.

Brønnbåt Nord Lofoten AS was founded in 2019 and is a local collaboration between Brønnbåt Nord AS – a wellboat company owned by salmon farmers Salaks, Gratanglaks and Kleiva - and another salmon farmer, Ellingsen Seafood AS.

The Skrova will go on a long-term contract for Ellingsen Seafood.