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In total Ikea's stores offer 23 different certified seafood species – including Atlantic salmon, blueshell mussels, pangasius and tilapia from ASC certified farms – making it the food service provider that offers the largest variety of certified seafood globally.


“I am really proud that our customers can enjoy tasty fish that has been responsibly produced by people with good working conditions. This is a result of our high ambitions and commitment regarding the whole value chain; from fisheries and farms to training of our co-workers and certification of the restaurants,” says Michael La Cour, Managing Director of Ikea Food Services AB.


“Ikea is demonstrating global leadership in sustainability. By sourcing and selling only certified sustainable seafood, Ikea is powerfully inspiring consumer choices and influencing sustainable business practices around the world. Ikea's significant commitment is already helping to ensure oceans teeming with life, and secure seafood supplies, for future generations,” says Nicolas Guichoux, Global Commercial Director at the MSC.


“The global Ikea commitment to the ASC programme is a game changer; introducing the ASC to consumers in many new markets. This is exceptional leadership in supporting the change necessary to promote the development of responsible aquaculture. Customers can now be assured that the salmon in Ikea’s restaurants and Swedish Food Markets comes from farms that respect the environment, the rights of workers and the interests of the local community,” says Chris Ninnes, CEO, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).