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The report NORM VET 2014 confirms that resistance to antibiotics is a limited problem among animals in Norway, due to the low consumption of these substances. Restrictive use of antibiotics must be maintained to preserve the favorable situation. Norway and the other Nordic countries are favorably placed relative to the significantly higher consumption of antibiotics we see in other countries. It involves a risk of introducing resistant bacteria to Norway, points out the ​​Veterinary Institute.

"It is important to continue active efforts through monitoring, restrictive use of antibiotics and measures to prevent animal diseases. We need continued monitoring and more knowledge to maintain the favorable situation in Norway," says Gudmund Holstad, CEO of the Veterinary Institute.

Antibiotics for farmed fish constitute a very small proportion of the consumption of antibiotics in Norway and has fallen by 99% since 1987. The largest reduction occurred in the 90s, but since then the total used has remained at the same low level, despite the large increase in salmon production.