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Lars Petter Aase:
Lars Petter Aase: "Tackling issues by engaging your team can lead to ground-breaking innovation." Photo: Seafood People.

Seafood People, whose advisors offer a variety of expertise to the seafood industry, has appointed Lars Petter Aase as director of strategy and growth.

Aase was formerly a strategic director with Frog, a global creative consultancy, and was responsible for transformation and innovation projects for a variety of companies including salmon farmer Lerøy.

Seafood People said Aase’s expertise is collaborating with companies to identify the right strategic problems to solve, which processes to improve, and which technologies will drive efficiencies in their company and value chain. By engaging employees and stakeholders in the design process, companies can create solutions that are most impactful and easier to implement.

Rapid changes

“Most companies can work smarter. Companies need to address the rapid changes in consumer behaviour, technological possibilities and the complexities in the marketplace and value chains,” said Aase in a press release.

“Tackling issues by engaging your team can lead to ground-breaking innovation. Companies that embrace this mindset create a stronger foundation for lasting success and more profitable operation.”

Thomas Bakke, Seafood People’s managing director, said: “We are thrilled to bring Lars Petter’s calibre of process management expertise to our team. I am excited to see how Lars will make a difference in the industry.”

Seafood People is headquartered in Bergen, Norway, with advisors located in Chile, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Singapore and New Zealand.

Its focus is on executive recruitment, strategy, analysis, project management, marketing, communication, and design for the seafood industry.