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Elanco is stepping up production of DNA vaccine Clynav.
Elanco is stepping up production of DNA vaccine Clynav.

A request for the authorisation of a new louse treatment product, based on Iufenuron, has now been submitted to the Norwegian authorities by Elanco.

For the last two years there has been much talk about the company’s attempt to launch a new drug and they have now revealed that, on 21 December, they submitted the application to the Norwegian Medicines Agency (SLV) for marketing authorization.

“We have recently submitted documentation for registration of a product containing lufenuron to the Norwegian Medicines Agency (SLV) in Norway,” says communications manager for Elanco, Maria Zampaglione.

“We must await SLVs assessment before we can share more information about this new product to the industry,” she adds.

In developing the treatment, Elanco has worked closely with the Sea Lice Research Centre (SLRC) in Bergen. has previously written that, according Elanco’s patent application in November 2013, the pharmaceutical company aims to administer the treatment in salmon diets, at a daily dosage of 1 to 30 mg per kilogram of fish. Treatment will take between 3 and 14 days and the total dosage will be between 7-350 mg per kg fish.

The drug will most likely be administered towards the end of the freshwater phase or at the beginning of the sea phase. According to documentation in the patent application it should then be effective for 5-9 months.