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For the 10th year in a row, the BCSFA is again offering farm tours this summer to members of the public.

Participants of the tours hosted by the BCSFA will have the opportunity to visit a salmon farm and learn more about how the vibrant industry works, all while enjoying a scenic boat ride through the Seymour Narrows.

Three tours will run during the BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival – June 12th, 13th and 17th – with one final tour on June 30th to round out BC Seafood Month. In addition, BCSFA will run two other tours this summer, one on Thursday, July 21st and the other on Thursday, August 11th. All scheduled tours depart from Discovery Launch Water Taxis in Campbell River at 9 a.m. and last about four hours.

“Tours offer a valuable inside look into sustainable salmon farming operations, and give participants a chance to connect with farmers who take pride in growing the world’s best fish,” said David Minato, Regulatory Affairs and Community Manager for the BCSFA.

People want to visit a salmon farm for many different reasons. While some want to learn more about the industry, others see it as a unique and exciting experience – one that provides a great opportunity to spend the day out on the ocean.

“We have toured hundreds of local and international participants over the last 10 years, and are excited to continue sharing the story of the salmon farming industry in BC," said Minato.