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Activist ignores local chiefs to further own agenda

Laura Braden, PhD

Anti-farming activist Alexandra Morton published a story on Monday (21 September) claiming that the Ahousaht First Nation had caved in to the demands of protestors who had asked Cermaq Canada to remove one of their farms. According to her story, the company was being forced to leave the area and would not be permitted to return.

When this story is followed up, however, it appears that Ms Morton may be overstating her case.

Indeed, as Cermaq Canada informed Fish Farming Expert: “All the Ahousaht have left, but 2 professional protesters. Morton and friends have set up camp there now. The Ahousaht Chiefs have asked them (Morton) to leave but they are ignoring them.”

In addition to trespassing, the protestors were preventing any work on the newly assembled cages and Cermaq workers have been unable to anchor them, which is now posing a safety concern.

“We offered on day two to move the cages due to safety reasons if the protesters would leave," said Laurie Jensen, Communications and Corporate Sustainability Manager at Cermaq. “We have not been ordered to leave the site. The cages are not anchored and we want to move them.”

“We still stand strong with Ahousaht and will wait for the protesters to leave before we move the cages.”