Arnarlax has been given a licence to grow up to 10,000 tonnes of sterile salmon.

Icelandic salmon farmer granted 43% increase in biomass capacity


Arnarlax, a wholly owned subsidiary of Icelandic Salmon, has been informed that the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Directorate (MAST) and the Icelandic Environmental Directorate (UST) have granted Arnarlax a permit for salmon farming in Ísafjörðardjúp.

The permit is for 10,000 tonnes of maximum allowed biomass (MAB) of sterile salmon, at three new locations in the fjord.

“We are happy that this process has finally reached the finish line. We are pleased about this 43% increase in our licence portfolio, and the opportunities this gives us for further sustainable growth,” said managing director Bjørn Hembre in a stock exchange announcement.

33,700 tonnes

With this new 10,000-tonne licence, Arnarlax will have a total licence capacity of 33,700 tonnes, divided into 23,700 tonnes of fertile salmon in Arnarfjörður, Patreksfjörður and Tálknafjörður, and 10,000 tonnes of sterile salmon in Ísafjörðardjúp.

The company said its last outstanding application is a 4,500 tonne MAB permit in Arnarfjörður, which it expects will be processed in accordance with the new legislation.