The Beinn Sgritheall, a 19.5 metre long by 7.5 metre beam steel landing craft designed and built on the west coast.

Scottish-built boat delivered to Mowi

Landing craft ramps up options at Loch Hourn


Mowi Scotland’s Loch Hourn salmon farm has taken delivery of a new site boat, Beinn Sgritheall, designed and built locally.

Beinn Sgritheall is a 19.5 metre long by 7.5 metre beam steel landing craft designed by Alisdair Salmon of Argyll Maritime Design Services and built by Applecross-based Northwind Engineering, founded by engineer Ewen Gillies.

The vessel has a deck capacity of 42 tonnes, the ability to transfer fuel and freshwater and with an extended bow door the capability to operate off a slipway or beach and take a six-wheel lorry on board.

Net washing system

Below deck it is fitted out with a fuel efficient NLB water pump attached to an Akva FNC8 net washing system, making it a versatile and fully functioning site boat.

The boat is named after Beinn Sgritheall (Gaelic for ‘scree mountain’), which is on the north side of Loch Hourn. It is the highest mountain on the Glenelg peninsula at 974 metres (3,196 feet).

The farm at Loch Hourn comprises eight pens of 160 metres circumference. It is licensed for a maximum standing biomass of 2,750 tonnes.

Net washing being monitored aboard the Beinn Sgritheall.
Loch Hourn assistant site manager Mario Dias at the helm of the Beinn Sgritheall.