Vaccine volumes down 3.3m


Vaccination of the S1-2016 generation has begun, and the major part of September sales was reserved for the S1s. Preliminary figures indicate that only 3.5 million doses went to vaccination of the S0-2015 in September (comm. Kontali Analyse). Based on that assumption, the total sales to the S0s2015 ended at approximately 162 million vaccine doses compared to 148 million doses to the S0s-2014. However, there is still uncertainty linked to the actual increase in total release of S0s-2015 compared to S0s-2104. In 2014 the release ended at 143 million smolts.  

Trout vaccine sales ended at 4.9 million doses, up from 2.2 million doses in September 2014. The twelve months' rolling sales of vaccines to trout total 21.9 million doses.

September’s sales of vaccines against pancreas necrosis (PD) were 10.7 million doses, whereof 6.6 million doses were a 7-component PD-vaccine. In September, the sales of a 7-component ISA-vaccine were 400,000 doses. 

Sales of vaccines for marine fish were 1,020,000 doses, up from 920,000 doses in September 2014.