Stable aquaculture, dropping catches


The EU region is increasingly dependent on imports of seafood. The fastest mover among EU imports is the Vietnamese whitefish pangasius. The EU comprises one of the world's largest seafood catches second only to China and Peru in volume. The EU is among the world's largest seafood markets, with an annual consumption of 22 kg per capita. The European interest in seafood is also reflected on the financial side: To date this year, the European Glitnir Seafood Stockwatch Index has increased by 21.8%. Glitnir, the globally leading supplier of financial services to the seafood industry, releases its new report on the EU seafood industry in connection with the European Seafood Exhibition, which opens in Parcs des Expositions in Brussels on Tuesday. The report provides an analytical overview of the main driving forces in the EU seafood industry and evaluates likely future developments and trends. For details: