Selling stocks for tax funding

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On 20 of April 2007, Managing director Bjørn Myrseth has, through his 100 % owned company Vitamar AS, carried out the following transactions in Marine Farms ASA: Bjørn Myrseth has sold 300,000 shares in Marine Farms ASA at NOK 24.50 per share. Bjørn Myrseth has bought a forward contract covering 300,000 shares in Marine Farms ASA at NOK 24.9871 per share, with 19 July 2007 delivery, the company informs in a press release. Following this transaction, Bjørn Myrseth holds 2,309,331 shares in Marine Farms ASA including the above mentioned forward contract. The transaction is carried out to release funds for tax payments, and Mr. Myrseth`s position will be unchanged upon delivery of the shares covered by the forward contract.