Norway will start dumping again

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Gustav-Erik Blaalid

A group of five EU-members have got the EU Comissions acceptance for a review of the anti-dumping measures against Norwegian salmon. The deciscion has shaken several British politicians. Trade and Energy Minister, Alistaire Darling commented the case to the Glasgow Herald and said that any decision to review the case is premature and unjustified. He added that the dumping measures were brought in for a simple reason that dumping was going on and damage being done to the EU salmon industry. He believes that a review will bring uncertainty and therefore will oppose this proposal and continue to vigorously defend the interests of the salmon industry.

Former Trade Minister, Brian Wilson, who has supported the anti-dumping measures against Norway over the past decade agrees with Mr. Darling. - What do you think is the reason behind this call for a review? - All such negotiations are about trade-offs and competing interests. It is hardly surprising that, for a range of reasons, some EU members support the call for a review. - Alistair Darling says he will fight for the MIP. As a former Trade Minister, do you agree with him? - That does not make it right or mean that the outcome will be favourable to Norway. The basic question remains the same - would Norway again start dumping a subsidised product onto the EU market? And I think most people think that the answer also remains the same - that, given the chance, they would, says Brian Wilson to Norsk Fiskeoppdrett.