Fish Vet vacancy


The successful candidate will lead and develop a complete clinical and management consultancy service to the aquaculture and aquatic animal sectors principally, but not limited, to North America,  provide technical support to companies, organisations and agencies servicing the Americas aquaculture and fisheries industries and oversee the day to day running of FVG Inc.

Key Responsibilities:

•Member of the FVG Inc executive board and a seat on the joint FVG Ltd, FVG Inc, FVG Norge and FVG Asia board that will meet to define overall FVG strategy.

•Work in collaboration with FVG global technical teams to participate in projects to develop new or improved services or technologies.

•To demonstrate to the aquaculture industry the value of comprehensive health monitoring and preventive measures and definitive diagnostics and to work in coordination with the Global FVG Service to provide a unique state-of-the-art complete clinical and technical service to farming and fishery clients.

•To promote consultancy services to farmers and their health advisors to include biosecurity, veterinary health planning, and health training.

•To work with pharma, feed companies and regulatory authorities in product R&D and provision of advisory services and consultancy to these companies and their farming clients.

•To identify new business opportunities and promote FVG at commercial meetings and conferences.

•To implement business plans for FVG Inc., with responsibility for developing, monitoring and controlling budgets.

•Responsibility for ensuring Health and Safety of all employees, customers and suppliers

•Other duties as assigned.

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