AquaChile remains in the first position


Christian Pérez

According to data published by the Export Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ProChile), the remaining companies in a top ten ranking of exporters are Pesquera Los Fiordos (US$ 114.64 million), Australis Mar (US$ 82.61 million), Salmones Antártica (US$ 78.38 million), Trusal (US$ 65.16 million), Acuinova (US$ 61.78 million), Salmones Cupquelán (US$ 55.04 million) and Salmones FrioSur (US$ 54.38 million).

Other relevant results were obtained by Ventisqueros (US$ 50.50 million), Marine Harvest Chile (US$ 49.03 million), Salmones Pacific Star (US$ 42.00 million), Invertec Pequera Mar de Chiloé (US$ 37.84 million), Cultivos Marinos Chiloé (US$ 35.32 million), Salmones Itata (US$ 34.88 million), Camanchaca (US$ 32.79 million), Salmones de Chile (US$ 23.34 million), Caleta Bay (US$ 21.93 million) and El Golfo, which exported US$ 18.91 million as of June this year.

The results of AquaChile were obtained after a combination of the exported figures of AquaChile, Salmones Chiloé and Aguas Claras, companies controlled by the same owners, similar to what happens with the results of Marine Harvest Chile, which were obtained after adding the results of Marine Harvest Chile and Delifish.

*All values are FOB.