Nikos Steiropoulos MD EuroPharma and Dafyyd Morris MSD

MSD and Europharma join forces

MSD Animal Health has signed deal with Europharma UK to become the exclusive distributor of the latter’s Aquavac trout products Aquavac ERM, ERM Oral and Relera.

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Commenting on the deal, Nikos Steiropoulos, MD of Europharma UK, said: “We are excited about working in partnership with MSD Animal Health in the distribution of their trout health products, to ensure the best service to customers. This new partnership will give our customers the benefit of our experience and specialist knowledge, developed over many years supporting the aquaculture industry, and will help producers achieve sustainable and profitable production.”

Europharma brings a wealth of experience to the market, including their FISHGUARD programme, a 360° ‘Veterinary Husbandry’ approach which combines veterinary medicine and animal husbandry.

Dedicated Europharma personnel will be on hand to offer bespoke advice and experience, where requested, in key fields such as nutrition, water quality, recirculation, breeding and fish biology, to ensure the smoothest transition for the new distribution method.

Dafydd Morris, Business Manager of Aquaculture at MSD Animal Health, added: “Operating as our exclusive wholesaler, Europharma brings a wealth of experience to the market including on site aquaculture veterinary support who can advise and support the growth of the service where required.”

In advance of the new service going live, customer workshops were held across the UK, offering the trout industry, from vets to producers, the opportunity to meet with representatives of MSD Animal Health and Europharma to discuss how to make best use of the opportunities this change will bring.