Europharma provides veterinary pharmaceuticals, vaccines and health management solutions, delivered by its veterinary services team trading as Fishguard.

Europharma fish health course targets Scots sector

Fish health and welfare programmes developer Europharma has created a training course to address the challenges and opportunities in Scotland’s aquaculture industry.

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Fishguard, the veterinary services arm of Europharma, is delivering the Fish Health & Welfare Training Course at the Stirling Court Hotel on the grounds of the University of Stirling from 19-20 June.

Nikos Steiropoulos, managing director of Europharma, will be discussing disease vs health and how fish health issues can start, the reasons they do, and how the industry can manage the situation.

He said: “At Europharma, we strive to advise and help our customers achieve healthy, sustainable and profitable production, so it’s important we provide the correct tools and education.

“We decided to host this course, which is open to all, because as an industry we need to work together and find solutions to the challenges we face. This includes speaking about disease and promoting the positive ways we can ensure healthy stock including education on correct sampling, vaccinations and use of medicinal products and treatments.

“At the end of the course, we want delegates to leave with a better understanding of the treatment of a range of fish health problems and why it’s important to prevent disease which will allow the successful management of healthy stock and drive more profitable production. I look forward to welcoming everyone to the course and hope all delegates leave feeling more aware of what is needed to keep the industry going strong.”

Husbandry knowledge

The course will provide delegates with knowledge of husbandry, understanding what hands on fish production is like and the health challenges they could face within the aquaculture industry.

Over the two days, delegates will also learn about a variety of fish health topics including welfare, disease, vaccination, immunology, bacteria disease and the role of vet support.

The vaccination module is to be delivered with the participation of fish vaccine delivery company Aqualife.

Delegates will also achieve background knowledge on manifestation, prevention and the treatment of a range of health problems as well as basic knowledge of how to sample and diagnose disease in fish.

Speakers at the event include representatives from Fishguard, Aqualife and the University of Stirling. Sean Black, Bartek Wieczorek and Rosa Merino, all of Europharma Scotland, will be delivering sessions during the course providing expert insight into the prevention and control of diseases in the aquaculture industry.

Europharma Scotland, part of the wider Europharma organisation, has nine members of staff and is based in Clydebank.