Norway accounted for 86 per cent of egg imports to Scotland in 2016, with 53 per cent of imported eggs sourced via the Aquagen company.

20 million “off-season” ova ordered

Roughly 20 million “off-season” eggs, produced by Aquagen from broodfish that have lived their whole lifecycle on land, will be delivered to farmers in Norway and Scotland during Q3.

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The company reports that, while these off-season eggs are transported to the hatcheries, the traditional early egg production of 2016/2017 season eggs has begun. Stripping of the first broodfish reared in the sea was conducted on 22nd August at both Aquagen Hemne and Aquagen Steigen.

Stripping happened at around the same time as last season, but this year more mature fish at both sites have been reported. This will produce greater amounts of eggs that can be delivered as early as week 41 and, as a result, Aquagen will be able to deliver eggs all year-round from Norwegian broodstock sites.

Increased flexibility and improved utilization of capacity in smolt production will also be possible, the company claims, while optimal production of early S0 and large smolt will no longer be limited by the availability of eggs.

Timing of salmon egg deliveries throughout the year based on broodfish that are produced in different environments. Eggs from land based broodfish reared in tanks are delivered from July up to and including September. Eggs from sea based broodfish reared in cages are delivered from October up to and including July. A new salmon generation starts with land based egg deliveries in July. Image: Aquagen