The Muck farm team with the site's ASC certificate.

Mowi gets another tick from ASC

Muck adds to growing list of certified sites in Scotland

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Mowi’s salmon farm off the island of Muck has become its 26th Scottish site to earn Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) accreditation in the space of around three and a half years.

Until July 2019, Mowi Scotland’s practice of growing around half of its smolts in freshwater lochs made ASC certification of marine sites impossible because the ASC’s Salmon Standard required smolts to be raised in on-land facilities.

Stringent criteria

That changed following a revision of the ASC’s Salmon Standard and Freshwater Trout Standard, enabling Mowi Scotland to begin playing its part in achieving its Norwegian parent company’s objective of achieving 100% ASC certification for all its sites around the world.

In a social media post, Mowi Scotland said the Muck farm underwent independent audits to meet the stringent ASC criteria.

“There is a rigorous process involved for a fish farm to achieve certification so a big shout out to Clara [McGhee, site manager] and her team for their achievement.”