Dr Marije Booman, senior fish health research scientist at CATC, has been the lead behind introducing Prelude.

Aquaculture research firm announces ‘pivotal expansion’ of services


Contract research organisation the Centre for Aquaculture Technologies Canada (CATC) has formed a strategic partnership with Prelude, a Texas-based leader in animal health focused electronic data capture (EDC) systems designed to optimise and streamline clinical research processes.

CATC said the partnership represents a significant step towards providing a comprehensive suite of services that encompass both clinical research expertise and cutting-edge software solutions that is expected to offer a competitive edge to CATC’s clientele by enhancing data accuracy, expediting timelines, and facilitating smarter, more informed decision-making.

“Our alliance with Prelude marks a pivotal expansion of our capabilities,” said Dr Fabio Zanuzzo, CATC’s manager of aquatic animal health. “We are not just embracing technological innovation; we are actively deploying it to set new benchmarks in the aquaculture sector.

“Our clients stand to gain immensely from the heightened efficiency and precision that these advanced tools bring to our already robust research methodologies.”

Dr Marije Booman, senior fish health research scientist at CATC, said: “Without the need to transcribe and verify data, we can provide interim study results to the client faster. Automated notifications of important events and access to study data in real time allows our client to easily monitor the progress of the study. ”

CATC offers bespoke bench top and in-tank trials and challenges for a variety of species at its locations in Souris and Victoria, Prince Edward Island.